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How Long Does Mortgage Approval Take in Harrogate?

Acquiring a property stands as a considerable financial commitment, likely the most substantial one in your lifetime.

It’s understandable to have various questions about the mortgage process, especially as a first time buyer in Harrogate. Seeking expert mortgage advice in Harrogate becomes important in navigating these queries.

It’s vital to recognise that not every question has a straightforward answer, particularly regarding timelines, as they depend on individual personal and financial situations.

How long will it take for my mortgage to get approved in Harrogate?

Assuming a clean credit history, mortgage approval might take approximately 2-3 weeks, though this is an illustrative example, and the actual duration can vary. Approval processes may extend if there are existing or past credit issues.

In cases involving adverse credit or a history of credit problems, the approval process might span several months. It’s essential to understand that the timeframe for mortgage approval isn’t fixed; it depends on the mortgage lender’s policies and your unique financial circumstances.

Why do I have to wait for my mortgage approval in Harrogate?

Obtaining mortgage approval in today’s landscape is a more intricate process than before the credit crunch. Access to mortgages has become more meticulous and time-consuming.

Mortgage lenders scrutinise various aspects, including your credit, income (including occupation), and outgoings (examined through bank statements) to assess your suitability for a mortgage.

This thorough evaluation is essential for lenders to gauge the level of risk involved. It’s important to bear in mind that you are just one of many applicants in the process.

Where does mortgage approval fit into the mortgage process in Harrogate?

As a dedicated mortgage broker in Harrogate, our structured approach guides you through the mortgage application process. Our goal is to make your mortgage journey stress-free, enabling you to focus on finding your dream property in Harrogate while we handle the intricacies of the mortgage side.

Step 1: Free Mortgage Appointment

Initiating your mortgage process is simple; just book a free mortgage appointment with one of our mortgage advisors in Harrogate. This can be done online by selecting a suitable date and time or by contacting our team directly.

With appointments available seven days a week, you can choose a time that suits your schedule. During the 30-45 minute appointment, your mortgage advisor in Harrogate will gather essential information to understand your goals and guide you along your mortgage journey.

Step 2: Finding the Perfect Mortgage Deal

Following your mortgage appointment, your mortgage advisor in Harrogate will provide a key document – the mortgage agreement in principle (AIP). This document serves as proof to the estate agency that you’ve received pre-approval from a mortgage lender.

If you’ve identified your dream property, we can swiftly proceed to the next step. Once your offer on the property is accepted, we’ll align it with the ideal mortgage deal from our extensive panel of lenders, encompassing both high street and specialist products.

The details of this tailored mortgage deal will be presented in a comprehensive mortgage illustration document, providing you with all the essential information.

Step 3: Mortgage Application

If you’re satisfied with our service and the identified mortgage product, it’s time to initiate your mortgage application. Preparing this application involves attaching several documents to demonstrate your affordability for a mortgage.

Rest assured, we’ll help you gather all the necessary paperwork to ensure your application is complete. Upon readiness, we’ll submit your application to the mortgage lender.

Step 4: Mortgage Lender Checks

Once your mortgage application is submitted, it’s now in the hands of the mortgage lender. Importantly, we’ll never propose a mortgage product that is likely to be declined. The lender will scrutinise the attached documents to verify your mortgage affordability.

They’ll also verify your ID and current registered address and scrutinise the source of your deposit. If your deposit is a gifted one, the lender will require the last 3 months’ bank statements from the donor and a signed gifted deposit form.

Step 5: Mortgage Valuation Survey

Different from a house survey, a mortgage valuation survey entails the lender sending a property surveyor to assess the actual value of the property you intend to purchase. Your mortgage advisor in Harrogate will recommend the appropriate survey for your situation.

The purpose of the survey is to ensure the property’s value aligns with your offer. This step safeguards the lender in case of repossession, assuring they can recover their funds by selling your home. As long as you consistently meet your monthly repayments, there’s no need to worry about losing your home.

Step 6: Formal Mortgage Offer

After the lender completes their checks, successful applicants should receive formal mortgage approval. Your mortgage advisor in Harrogate will promptly share this positive news with you.

Subsequently, you’ll be handed over to the solicitors to finalise the legalities, exchange contracts, and prepare for key collection.

Get Mortgage Ready

Whether you’re a first time buyer in Harrogate, looking to move, remortgage in Harrogate, or invest in a buy to let property, understanding the mortgage process is key. As a mortgage broker in Harrogate, we recommend commencing your mortgage process up to six months in advance.

This allows for the arrangement of your agreement in principle and early property searching within your budget. If you’ve had an offer accepted or are considering buying a property in Harrogate, take action now! Book your free mortgage appointment online or by contacting our team today.

Date Last Edited: February 5, 2024

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