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Right to Buy Mortgage Advice in Harrogate

Transition from tenant to homeowner in Harrogate with Right to Buy. Speak to mortgage expert today to discuss your right to buy options.

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What is Right to Buy in Harrogate?

The Right to Buy Scheme is a government ran scheme that allows eligible tenants in England to purchase their property from the council for a partially discounted price. If you have spent at least 3 years (not always continuous) renting from a local housing association and are secure tenants of council property, you may be eligible for the government Right to Buy Scheme.

When purchasing a property via Right to Buy, the property will be valued at the full market price with the government discount applied prior to purchase.

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Right to Buy Mortgage Advice in Harrogate

Purchase your house under the Right to Buy in Harrogate.

You may have the right to purchase your property from the council at a discounted price if you are living in a council house and named on the tenancy agreement. Usually, due to the purchase price being discounted, no deposit will be required.

Our mortgage advisors in Harrogate can help you achieve your home-owning goal by using their knowledge and experience within the mortgage industry to provide expert Right to Buy mortgage advice in Harrogate.

What is the process of a Right to Buy discount in Harrogate?

The process begins with you checking that you are eligible and requesting an application form from the council. Once you qualify, you will receive an offer notice which sets out the property value and your discount. You then have a set period to accept this offer.

As an open and honest mortgage broker in Harrogate, we can help with your mortgage, solicitors and survey as and when required. As part of our initial free mortgage consultation, we can give you an idea of how much your mortgage will cost and if you qualify.

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FAQs for Right to Buy in Harrogate

Do I need a deposit for a Right to Buy mortgage in Harrogate?

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Most lenders will take the discount as a deposit, however, some will require you to put in your own money too. It’s worth speaking to a mortgage advisor in Harrogate like us to find a suitable mortgage that best suits your needs.

The Right to Buy scheme allows eligible council or housing association tenants to purchase their property at a discounted price. This discount often serves as the equivalent of a deposit. However, it’s crucial to be aware that additional costs such as legal fees and survey expenses may still apply. To gain a comprehensive understanding based on your specific situation, it is advisable to consult with a mortgage broker.


What is the mortgage process for a Right to Buy Harrogate?

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The mortgage process for a Right to Buy in Harrogate involves several key steps. Firstly, confirm your eligibility for the Right to Buy scheme, which typically requires a specific period of public sector tenancy. Subsequently, the property undergoes valuation to determine its market price and the applicable discount. The local council then extends an offer to sell the property to you.

Following this, engage with a mortgage broker in Harrogate to obtain an Agreement in Principle (AIP), confirming the amount you can borrow. After the offer is accepted, proceed to submit a formal mortgage application to the lender, who will assess your financial situation and the property’s value. A property survey may be necessary to evaluate its condition.

Simultaneously, collaborate with solicitors to navigate the legal aspects of the purchase, including the transfer of ownership. Once approved, the lender issues a mortgage offer specifying the terms and conditions. The subsequent steps involve exchanging contracts, completing the purchase, and officially becoming the property’s legal owner.

Throughout this process, it is highly recommended to maintain close communication with a mortgage broker in Harrogate to ensure a seamless and successful transaction tailored to your unique circumstances.

How is the discount is worked out?

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The percentage of this discount depends on varying factors, such as location and the length of time you’ve been a council tenant. One of the big advantages of Right to Buy is that due to the discount, there is often equity in the house already. How much equity, like the discount, also depends on varying factors. These include how much your discount is and the value of the property.

Generally speaking, we find that those who utilise the Right to Buy Scheme are first time buyers in Harrogate. We love working alongside our customers and are here throughout every step of the mortgage process, starting with your initial enquiry, all the way through to your completion. Capital raising options for home improvements, such as a new conservatory, windows or extension are also available with some of our mortgage lenders.

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Our Right to Buy Mortgage Process

Free 30-Minute Mortgage Appointment

Step 1

Having a conversation with an expert mortgage advisor in Harrogate is essential to discuss your mortgage scenario.

We Can Search 1000s of Mortgage Deals

Step 2

With a wide selection of lenders offering specialised products designed specifically for those utilising the right to buy scheme.

Submit Your Mortgage Application

Step 3

Our committed mortgage advisor in Harrogate will handle the submission of your mortgage application and organize any additional documentation required by the lender.

Protecting You and Your Mortgage

Step 4

Alongside finding the most suitable mortgage deal, we are good at assisting those looking for insurance coverage to protect you and your loved ones financially.

Our Simple Right to Buy Process

Free Mortgage Appointment

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It’s our goal as a mortgage broker in Harrogate to help any and all customers that come our way, including those looking to utilise the Right to Buy Scheme. From your initial phone call through to completion, your dedicated mortgage advisor in Harrogate will be alongside you, ready to answer any questions that you may have.

1000s of Deals

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Unlike a bank or building society, our team of mortgage experts in Harrogate are able to search through 1000s of mortgage deals for you, aiming to find the best fit for your personal circumstances. We are also able to assist with conveyancing solicitors, helping decide on which survey would be the best.

Our Service

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Mortgage advice in Harrogate is available in the morning, afternoon, evening or weekend – whichever one fits in with your work and family. It’s the same service either way! Please read our genuine customer reviews, the service you receive and your happiness is really important to us.

7 Days a Week

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We’ll help and support you anytime you need us, 7 days a week! The Right to Buy process isn’t always easy, we’ll aim to help you over any hurdles you face. It’s our goal to be open & honest and take away your stress, making you feel relaxed and excited for the eventual outcome.

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We Search 1000s of Right to Buy Mortgages in Harrogate

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Common Right to Buy Mortgage Scenarios

Checking Eligibility

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The first thing you’ll need to do is contact the council for an application form and for them to check that you are eligible for the scheme.

Purchase Price

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From there you’ll receive a purchase price. You then have a set period of time to accept their offer.

Start Your Application

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Finally, once a purchase price has been agreed. We can get the ball rolling with your mortgage application.

Mortgage Broker in Harrogate

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If you are considering purchasing the property, you are currently renting through your local authority or housing association and have checked if you are eligible to qualify for the Right to Buy Scheme and know the amount of discount that will be applied.

Contact a Mortgage Advisor in Harrogate as we can check your eligibility for a mortgage, including gathering information on your income and expenditure to work out if a mortgage is viable and affordable.

Find out more information about the Right to Buy Scheme. Check out the Government ownyourhome website.

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