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We love helping customers who really need Mortgage Advice in Harrogate - it's not just about finding a mortgage, we will hold your hand through the full process.

To speak with a mortgage advisor, book your FREE mortgage appointment online or give us a call on 01423 788895.

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To speak with a mortgage advisor, book your FREE mortgage appointment online or give us a call on 01423 788895.

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We love helping customers who really need Mortgage Advice in Harrogate - it's not just about finding a mortgage, we will hold your hand through the full process.

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Mortgage Broker in Harrogate | Mortgage Advice in Harrogate

Welcome to, the online home of Harrogatemoneyman – Mortgage Broker, providers of open & honest mortgage advice in Harrogate. In using our mortgage advisors in Harrogate’s combined experience, we are looking forward to helping to achieve all of your mortgage goals.


Our own personal goal, is to ensure that your home buying process, as well as your remortgage process, stays as stress-free and simple as possible. Our trusted mortgage advice team will be here to help you through each and every leg of your mortgage journey, from when you first get in touch, up until mortgage completion, whether you are getting the keys to a new home or are remortgaging for a better rate.


We are very proud of the mortgage advice service levels that our team are able to provide. Every member our team strives to provide an equal level of service to everyone who gets in touch with us, whether they be new or existing customers.

Services We Offer in Harrogate

• First Time Buyer Mortgage Advice in Harrogate

• Remortgage Advice in Harrogate

• Buy to Let Mortgage Advice in Harrogate

• Equity Release Advice in Harrogate (Age 55+

• Moving Home Mortgage Advice in Harrogate

• Right to Buy Mortgage Advice in Harrogate

• Help to Buy Mortgage Advice in Harrogate

• Specialist Mortgage Advice in Harrogate

• Life Insurance Mortgage Advice in Harrogate

and more…

How can we help you obtain a mortgage in Harrogate?

As a trusted and experienced mortgage broker in Harrogate, we have been around for many years and have developed a strong reputation. In utilising our teams wealth of experience, we are able to provide customers with high levels of professional mortgage advice in Harrogate, for all kinds of different mortgage situation.


We regularly find that customers get back in touch with for their remortgage, as we are able to take a look through thousands of remortgage deals, to find the best one for you, with favourable interest rates, so you don’t migrate onto your mortgage lenders standard variable rate. We will also always have your best interests at heart. This means that if a deal isn’t right for you, we’ll be upfront and suggest an alternative.


Customer satisfaction motivates everyone here in our mortgage advice team, encouraging them to go above and beyond for our customers, whether they are a first time buyer in Harrogate, moving home in Harrogate, taking on a buy to let in Harrogate, looking to remortgage in Harrogate or considering their options for equity release in Harrogate.

Mortgage Advice in Harrogate– We’re Open & Honest

As an experienced mortgage broker in Harrogate, we frequently find ourselves working with quite specialist mortgage cases, having an extensive panel of mortgage lenders that offer various specialist mortgage products, that you may possibly be eligible for.


With all of this beared in mind, your assigned mortgage advisor in Harrogate will make sure their product search is specifically tailored to match your individual, personal needs, so that they can find the absolute best deal out there for you and what it is you are looking to achieve.


A member of our dedicated, hard working mortgage advice team will always be on hand to answer your mortgage enquiry, from early on in the day until later at night, throughout each step of the working week, including weekends and the majority of bank holidays.


We pride ourselves on a responsive service to our customers too, making sure that our customers are kept up-to-date on a regular basis in regards to their current position in the mortgage process. Your mortgage advisor in Harrogate will look after you every step of the way, as you take steps closer to mortgage success.

Friendly Mortgage Broker in Harrogate & Surrounding Areas

During our time of working as a mortgage broker in Harrogate, we have had the sincere pleasure of helping out hundreds, if not even thousands of great customers.


In many cases when a customer gets in touch with us, we find that maybe the bank has turned them away. This can be for a variety of reasons and sometimes they won’t even tell you why. Because of this, it can be a little difficult to fix something that you aren’t aware needs fixing, thus halting your mortgage progression for the time being.


Usual suspects we hear of include anything from a lack of available mortgage appointments with mortgage advisors in Harrogate at those high street banks, to the property value being significantly lower than the amount the applicant had initially asked for, just to name a few of these.

Contact Your Mortgage Broker in Harrogate

If you are ready to enquire for expert mortgage advice in Harrogate, then contact our team today. As a dedicated mortgage broker in Harrogate, we are always ready and waiting to help customers achieve all of their mortgage goals.


Whether you are looking to purchase a new home in Harrogate, invest in the buy to let market, remortgage a property or home you already have, enquire about mortgages for over 50’s, or need some general mortgage advice in Harrogate, we would be glad to help you. Book a free mortgage appointment today and start your journey with Harrogatemoneyman.

Book in With an Expert Mortgage Advisor in Harrogate

As a customer of Harrogatemoneyman, you will be able to reap the benefits of having a caring and honest mortgage advisor in Harrogate by your side throughout the mortgage process. They will always look to do right by you, hearing and advising on any concerns or questions you have throughout the course of your time with us.


Working with a mortgage broker in Harrogate can allow you to worry and stress much less, as you will be regularly kept informed with the goings on of your mortgage progress. Your assigned mortgage advisor in Harrogate, or one of our trusty mortgage administrators will contact you if any changes need to be made, or if any further information or documentation is needed to go forward with your mortgage application.

Make Sure You’re Mortgage Ready!

We would always highly recommend that you get “mortgage ready” ahead of your mortgage or remortgage process. This can be done by speaking with a mortgage broker in Harrogate. Our team of trusted mortgage advisors in Harrogate will take some key mortgage information from you and look to get you an agreement in principle, if applicable. This can usually be obtained within 24 hours of your initial mortgage appointment.


By having this document to hand, if you are looking to make a purchase on a property, you’ll have any offers you make backed up as it shows a mortgage lender is willing to progress further with you. This indicates you are indeed serious about your offer, and puts you in a far better position than someone would be if they didn’t have this.

Trusted & Reliable Mortgage Advice in Harrogate

If you would like to reflect on your monthly repayments and what they could be, you may find that our mortgage calculator is a useful tool for you. That said, our mortgage calculator is only a rough guide, so does not guarantee a certain figure. Even with this in mind, it could still be incredibly useful for those looking to see how much could be going out of their accounts per month.


Our team of experienced and hard working mortgage advisors in Harrogate, as well as our mortgage administrators, are here to help every day of the week. They will answer any mortgage questions you have, and provide you with the appropriate mortgage advice in Harrogate for the circumstances you are working with.

How The Process of Mortgage Advice in Harrogate Works

As clear and simple providers of mortgage advice in Harrogate, it is up to us to find you, our loyal customer, the most suitable mortgage or remortgage deal that is available to your mortgage circumstances. The initial step we’d recommend taking, before you do anything else, is to get booked in for a free mortgage appointment with one of our trusted mortgage advisors in Harrogate.


Whilst you are going through your free mortgage appointment, your mortgage advisor in Harrogate will take a selection of key mortgage information from you, to gain insight into your current financial position. From there, we will then move onwards to reviewing thousands of unique mortgage deals, across a strong selection of mortgage lenders, to find the right mortgage deal for you.


We are wholly confident enough to say that we are able to find our customers the perfect mortgage deal for their property plans, as well as take on the stresses of the process, so you don’t have to. This allows us to stay stress-free as you get closer and closer to your end goal of owning a property or remortgage one that you already have. Book online to take advantage of our expert mortgage advice in Harrogate.

Mortgage advice in Harrogate – Options:

First Time Buyer Mortgage Advice Harrogate

We’re here to walk you through every step, from initial mortgage enquiry, right until you get the keys to your new home.

Moving Home Mortgage Advice Harrogate

Simply, wanting to know how much you can borrow on a new mortgage, what happens to your old one and how much this will cost?

Remortgage Advice Harrogate

Seeking a better mortgage deal, to reduce or extend the term, to add or remove a name, or raise money on your home?

We search 1000's of mortgage deals across a large number of lenders, including:

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Mortgage Lenders 002
Mortgage Lenders 004
Mortgage Lenders 006

Common mortgage questions

Your free mortgage consultation with a Mortgage Advisor in Harrogate will last for approximately 30 mins. They will then recommend a mortgage for you, one that you have no obligation for you to accept if you do not wish to. Proceeding with the mortgage is completely your choice.

As a part of our service as a fast and friendly Mortgage Broker in Harrogate, we carry out a Fact Find to establish your personal needs before we recommend the most suitable mortgage for you and your personal circumstances. A credit check will then required ahead of obtaining an Agreement in Principle. Once you have provided all the relevant documentation and a valuation of the property has been taken out, a formal mortgage offer can then be issued to you.

To avoid being disappointed part way into your process if you don’t get the property you had eyes on, we recommend you obtain an Agreement in Principle ahead of schedule, before you begin viewing properties in Harrogate. At the very latest you should obtain one prior to making any offers to a vendor, as this can aid with your bargaining position.

An Agreement in Principle will generally have a shelf life of between 30 and 90 days, depending on the lender used. If your Agreement in Principle expires, get back in touch with your mortgage advisor and they can get this refreshed for you.

If you are looking to do something like debt consolidation or any potential home improvements, you may have the option of taking out a second mortgage in Harrogate. It may also be possible to take out a mortgage on a second property for other uses, such as for yourself, a family member, a holiday home or a Buy to Let.

The minimum deposit a customer will be required to have when purchasing a house in Harrogate with a mortgage lender, is typically 5%. This figure can be somewhat higher if you have had any previous credit problems.

If you have had any kind of credit problems previously, there is a chance you can still get a mortgage. Unfortunately for this, you may possibly be required to put down a higher deposit than usual, typically 15% of the property purchase price.

Once you have submitted at least one year’s accounts to the lender, you may then be able to obtain a mortgage on the property you wish to buy. Most lenders will use a combination of your salary plus dividend to calculate the maximum mortgage, whereas others may go off your net profit.

An employee will generally be required to submit at least three payslips for an employee to prove income and the latest 2 years’ accounts if they are Self Employed. You will also need to provide your mortgage lender with proof of ID, address and the last 3 months’ bank statements.

Our free mortgage consultation offered to all customers will typically last somewhere near 30 mins or so. The members of our dedicated mortgage advice team are able to turn round an agreement in principle within 24 hours, with a formal mortgage offer taking roughly about three weeks on average. & Harrogatemoneyman are trading styles of UK Moneyman Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
UK Moneyman Limited is Registered in England, No. 6789312 | Registered Address: 10 Consort Court, Hull, HU9 1PU.

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The information contained within the website is subject to the UK regulatory regime and is therefore primarily targeted at customers in the UK.
Should you have cause to complain and you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint, you may be able to refer it
to the Financial Ombudsman Service, which can be contacted as follows

The Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR

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